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The Lavender Farm Blog

The lavender farm is not only a working farm but a well established Isle of Wight attraction. Within the farm team, there is an overwhelming desire is to share and bring to the attention of the public the many interesting ecological and educational aspects that we see on a daily basis.

Our primary goal is to operate a successful business, however,  we also see ourselves as an educational and informative centre. To this end we will be publishing various articles based around our nursery experiences as well as what we call good sense ecological propositions, that need to be shared, discussed and understood.


Working Farm and Dogs

Some Housekeeping Pointers

Please bear in mind that The Lavender Farm not only grows crops but is a working sheep farm. Our sheep’s well-being is very important to us.

Because of this we only allow assistance dogs to the farm.  Dogs have the potential to spread worms which, if taken up by the sheep, can kill them.  There is also the risk of causing distress to the sheep. Even we do have sheep dogs as we do as we ask rather than cause any arguments.

Farm Plant and Gates

Also, be aware of passing farm machinery and take into account private areas and gates, which are often closed for your safety.

Please don't ignore them!


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A Stocking-Filler That Lasts More Than Two Lifetimes…

As can be seen elsewhere on our website, we take real pride in looking after our farm, particularly the fifty acres of ancient woodland. 

Unfortunately, in both this country and elsewhere more trees are being cut down than are being planted.

This is one of the reasons we are delighted to have 1 More Tree, whose goal is to plant as many trees as possible throughout the world, based here.  Their first planting project is at the lakes area of the farm.  Running parallel to the main road, there will be over 2000 native trees planted here starting at the end of November 2017.

acorns 2 oaks
Acorns 2 Oaks
1 More Tree knows how great it feels to plant trees and helps others to plant their own.  If you’re an individual or family wanting to plant in your garden or maybe a school looking for a project, they can advise on suitable types of trees, how and where to plant, and how to help them grow.

To encourage children into the great outdoors generally and an interest in trees particularly, 1 More Tree have put together ‘1 More Oak Tree’.  This is an oak tree growing kit in a bag.  It contains all you need and makes it as easy as possible to plant an oak tree.
In the hessian bag you’ll find an eco-pot made from biodegradable natural material, a bag of compost, instructions and, of course, acorns!

These make a really different stocking-filler which is practical, will outlive twofold even the youngest of children, and help to supply them with a lifetime’s oxygen.  Plus it’ll educate your child about where plants come from and how they grow without them knowing it.

Drop into the farm shop to learn more about tree planting and buy your 1 More Oak Tree kits, or you can buy them online here

Don’t forget if you’ve nowhere to plant your oak once it outgrows the ecopot, just bring it back and we’ll find space for it.
In case you lose your instructions…

How to Plant your Acorn
Step 1
Empty the soil from the plastic bag into the bio pot, making the surface level.  Then press two holes of about 3cms into the soil, place an acorn on its side in each hole and cover with soil.

Step 2
Now put the pot on a saucer, and ideally place it somewhere with morning sun and afternoon shade. If not where is next ideal place?
Water your acorns enough so that the soil doesn’t pull away from the side of the pot.  Check how damp the soil is with your finger, as long as it feels moist but not running in water it will be fien.

Step 3
All you need do now is keep watering as needed and watch your acorn sprout into an oak. Let it carry on growing until roots sprout from the side of the pot.

Step 4
Roots sprouting from the pot?  You can now do one of these things:
1 – Place the pot into a larger container filled with soil
2 – Dig a hole in your garden and place the pot in so that the top of the pot is just below ground level, and firmly pack soil around it advice on location?

3 – Bring the tree back to the Lavender Farm and we will plant it for you

And remember; don’t be tempted to chop your tree down after two hundred years as it still has some growing to do!


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The Lavender Farm Mob

Reuben and Jill Abbott, who run the Lavender Farm, are very conscious of how lucky they are to live in such an idyllic place and love sharing it with others.  They are more than happy for visitors to bring a book, sit and relax around the courtyard or gardens to enjoy the peaceful and picturesque surroundings, but appreciate that some would rather be more active and perhaps stay for longer.

In view of this they have set up a group for people who would like to spend more time here, helping out in the garden.  They have called this group ‘The Lavender Farm Mob’ after the super comedy of the 1950's "The Lavender Hill Mob"

As any gardener knows, even a gentle potter in the garden provides you with not only the feeling of a job well-done (regardless of how much you really have done!) but also gives you exercise, helps concentrate the mind and leaves you feeling more positive. There is also a great feeling of purpose when pruning and planting and then accomplishment when plants mature and flower, and then again when they need tending to help them give their best. Being part of their cycle, and gardening generally, is proven as a positive thing we can all do for ourselves; even some GP’s are prescribing it!  

Being a squad member also helps those who don’t currently have access to a garden to enjoy these advantages. It is a great opportunity to get out of the house and meet new people with a similar interest, develop new skills and improve existing ones.  Or maybe you are hoping to get back into employment after a break and need to dust off your social skills and boost your confidence and freshen-up your CV.

The Lavender Farm is, of course, a working farm and commercial venture and although we are unable to pay our mob members you will be very well looked after. 

No gardener would expect to plant, prune, weed, and deadhead without a supply of rich, home-made cake washed down with a quality tea or coffee, and for those who want to make a day of it we’ll provide lunch too, all in our warm, welcoming tearoom. 

We have a shop on-site, so if gorgeous smelling essential and massage oils, Pot Pourri, or scented candles are your thing we’ll give you a mob member’s discount there as well. On the practical side, we have plenty of space for free parking and modern, spotless washing facilities including disabled loos. 

We’ll also provide gloves, kneelers, wellies, and if needed help with the bus fare.

Don’t worry if you’re not a Gertrude Jekyll or Monty Don as Reuben and Jill, both professional horticulturists, will be on hand to show you what to do.  Their latest venture is growing roses for bare root stock and developing a new rose; learn about it here “The Wight Rose”.

If you’d like to know more then give us a call for a chat.  There’s no commitment to how much time you spend or how much you have to do as we’d like you to feel unpressured, work at your own pace and enjoy your time here.
The Lavender Farm Mob
T:  01983 530097  


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